Formula 1-technology

for potato harvest Use Case

Formula 1-technology for potato harvest

The Grimme Group from Damme in northern Germany is one of the leading companies in agricultural and harvesting technology. The challenges Grimme faces are not as far removed from ours as one might think.

Grimme’s Airsep system is one of the biggest innovations in potato harvesting technology. It separates the potatoes from the haulm and stones while still on the harvester. For this purpose, an air stream is used which utilizes the different densities of the potatoes and admixtures to separate the crop. It is the gentlest method for separating potatoes and by-products, and thus provides the customer with the highest possible proportion of marketable potatoes.

Grimme contacted us with the challenge of optimizing the Airsep system to make it more efficient, smaller, and lighter without reducing the separation performance. Using CFD simulations and analyses, we compared the existing concept against various novel concepts. Significant improvements were achieved, making the Airsep system lighter and more energy efficient. The best system was manufactured and successfully tested in a field trial before being industrialized and used in Grimme potato harvesters.

potato harvesting machine aerial view
potato harvester on a field
potato harvesting machine aerial view
CFD simulation for potato harvest