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Formula 1 is the world championship for engineers. Innovation, technology and peak performance shape this industry like no other. We have been taking on this challenge every year since 1993, making us one of the most experienced companies operating in the world of Formula 1. We are keen for customers from a wide range of industries to benefit from this expertise and wealth of experience With the ambition and determination of world champions, we also support your company in tackling challenging projects and issues with top-notch engineering.

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Lightweight const.

As soon as something needs to be more efficient or faster, Formula 1 expertise is the obvious go-to solution. Fibre composites such as CFRP and the combination of the latest materials are part of our everyday lives and also help you to enhance your product when it comes to the more tricky of tasks.

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Reverse Engineering

The world moves quickly and important components such as spare parts for classic cars can often get lost as a by-product of this. We use the latest technologies such as 3D scanning, essential design expertise and state-of-the-art production capabilities to reconstruct parts that seem to have been lost. Including yours.

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Design For AM

Design is a crucial factor in the success of 3D printing projects. We draw on state-of-the-art software, outstanding creativity and many years of experience to turn your component into a genuine, never-before-seen additive product. Read on to learn more, how you could profit from our knowledge.

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Structural Analysis

Only those who know their product and its limitations inside out can improve it. We help you to develop a better understanding of your project and identify room for improvement. Fast, efficient and according to the highest standards.

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AM Consulting

Additive manufacturing is an innovative and extremely dynamic discipline for which no specific training has yet been provided. We see it as our duty to pass on this knowledge and support you and your company with our experience so that the same mistakes are never made twice.

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Aerodynamic Advice

The benefits of aerodynamics are not only instrumental for the automotive industry. Our goal is to support other companies with our expertise, experience and technology. We will make your aerodynamic challenge a success too.

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Thermal Analysis

Thermal optimisation is an important building block for increasing the efficiency of systems. This applies to Formula 1 as well as to many other systems. We have the capabilities and the skills to get the most out of your project.

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Systems And Electronics

The complexity of the systems in a state-of-the-art Formula 1 car is unparalleled. This complexity causes difficulties in many other sectors. It is precisely this challenge that we are extremely determined to take on in order to make your project a success together.

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Conceptual Development

Making the right decisions quickly and accessing state-of-the-art technology is not only crucial in the world of Formula 1. We’re there for you when things get challenging and find the best solutions to give you a real advantage.

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We are convinced that the best is achieved in a motivating and inspiring environment. That’s why we work in modern offices with the finest tools to help lead your project to victory.

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