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Formula 1-technology for legends

When the legendary Ferrari 340 America Barchetta was built in Modena in 1950, nobody could have imagined the things that this car would experience. The car was one of the very first Ferraris to be imported into Switzerland, where it was used in races and on the road.

Seventy years later, the car can still be found in Switzerland and has only changed hands once. Although there are now only two original Ferrari 340 America Barchetta left in the world, it is still driven in mountain races and vintage car rallies. The second car is on display at the Ferrari Museum in Modena.

When our customer set off for a rally in his car, the rear axle transmission succumbed to the stresses and broke. This prompted a long but unsuccessful search for a spare part.

We decided to take on this challenge. Our engineers went looking for the cause of the damage and quickly realised that the bearings were not sufficiently lubricated and that the quality of the aluminum, which was over 70 years old, was not perfect. The outer geometry was re-engineered using a 3D scanner and state-of-the-art construction methods. The internal oil supply was improved through simulations and designed accordingly. When it came to manufacturing, we were able to rely on the high-speed parameters for metal 3D printing in AlSi10Mg and our internal mechanical production.

Today, to the great delight of its owner, the Ferrari is back on the road and racetracks. We are proud to have breathed new life into lost treasures and even have the opportunity to improve them with state-of-the-art technologies.

technical drawing of rear axle gearbox of vintage car
oldtimer ferrari
new printed rear axle gear for the classic car
Vintage rear axle gearbox
broken rear axle gear in classic car