Formula 1 technology

for underwater vehicles Use Case

Formula 1 technology for underwater vehicles

In the world of motorsport, where the precision and efficiency of Formula 1 technology set the standard, Sauber Technologies recently applied its expertise to an extraordinary project. The aim was to fundamentally overhaul the design and technical aspects of an existing submarine. The focus was on an outdated hull that needed to be rethought both aesthetically and functionally.

The original model, with its fiberglass cladding and four air tanks that regulated buoyancy, offered plenty of room for improvement. The development work focused not only on making the hull more visually appealing, but also on introducing technical innovations that would increase its usability and safety in the special conditions of the sea and lakes.

A number of adjustments were made to optimize the safety and usability of the submarine. These included increasing the buoyancy volume of the tanks and adapting their shape to simplify venting. The arrangement of the headlights was revised to improve visibility under water. . The project also included reverse engineering of the existing pressure hull, which was supplemented by a new packaging concept. In this concept, the batteries were relocated outside the pressure hull, increasing the capacity of the submarine from four to five people. . In addition, the walking area on the roof of the submarine was enlarged and provisions were made for the integration of additional systems such as sonar and a trailer coupling for a dinghy.

For the redesign, the team relied on Dassault 3DX CAD software, in particular the “Imagine and Shape” module, which is designed for working on styling surfaces. The decision to manufacture the outer skin from carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) made it possible to significantly reduce weight while increasing resistance to physical impact.

The redesign of the internal structure between the pressure tank and the outer skin and the ongoing updating of the CAD status between the partners Aerolite AG, Abächerli Technik GmbH and Subspirit AG demonstrated the importance of this successful collaboration.

Submarine in Lake Lucerne